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Stan Richelson

author Image Stan Richelson is a representative of Scarsdale Investment Group, a registered investment adviser based in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, that specializes in fixed-income investments. Stan and Hildy Richelson are co-authors of several books on bonds, including “Bonds: The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth,” Second Edition (Bloomberg Press, 2011).

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Area of Expertise: bonds

Website: www.allbondportfolios.com

The advice of Hildy Richelson and Stan Richelson on bond investing is sought across the United States by individuals, financial advisers and the media. They have translated the complex world of bond investing into layman’s language, enabling interested investors to take control of their financial lives. They have popularized individuals’ understanding of bond investing by writing five books on the subject. The Richelsons’ initial bond book, “Income Without Taxes” (Carol & Graf, 1985), was the first book written for individual investors who wished to learn how to invest in tax-free municipal bonds. Three additional bond books were subsequently published, including the award-winning “Bonds: The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth” (Bloomberg Press, 2007). The book’s second edition was published on October 6, 2011, by Bloomberg Press.

In addition to their bond books, the Richelsons have written many articles that have been published in leading financial magazines and newspapers and online. A sample of their recent writings and a free bond newsletter can be found on their website, www.allbondportfolios.com. They have been quoted in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine and SmartMoney and online at www.AdvisorPerspectives.com and many other websites. They have appeared on national and regional broadcast outlets, including CNBC-TV and CN8-TV and many radio shows.

The Richelsons' prolific writings naturally led to the formation of Scarsdale Investment Group Ltd., a registered investment adviser, which generally limits its activities to the design and supervision of bond portfolios for individual investors. The Richelsons create custom bond ladders of high-quality bonds that are tailored to an individual’s financial situation. Scarsdale Investment Group has $231 million under advisement.

Stan Richelson received a J.D. from Columbia Law School and an LL.M. (in taxation) from New York University Law School. He is also on the board of the AAII Philadelphia chapter. He and his wife practice in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, and have two children.

Articles by this Author

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