Retired Investor Articles

Advocating the Paycheck Strategy for Lifetime Investing

October 2014 by Hildy Richelson
A predictable flow of cash income can be obtained by holding a ladder of high-quality bonds. Read more »

Making Effective Use of IRAs as Part of an Estate Plan

June 2014 by Daniel Sudit
Bequesting your IRA to charity, naming grandchildren as beneficiaries of your Roth IRA or having a heir disclaim an IRA inheritance can lower your estate’s tax exposure. Read more »

The Advantages of Charitable Trusts

October 2013 by Christine S. Fahlund
Charitable trusts allow you to donate assets, while providing lifetime income for yourself or someone else. They can also reduce estate taxes on appreciated assets. Read more »

Determining When to Switch to the RMD

June 2013 by Charles Rotblut
Determining when to change from the 4% withdrawal rule to the RMD depends in part on your age and the types of retirement accounts you own. Read more »

A Key to a Lasting Retirement Portfolio

April 2013 by John Sweeney
Staying within or below a 4% to 5% withdrawal rate (adjusted annually for inflation) will decrease your risk of outliving your retirement savings. Read more »

Allocating for Final Goals

July 2012 by Charles Rotblut
Allocating for expenditures such as a charitable legacy simply requires budgeting and segregating the amount away from your retirement savings. Read more »

Retired Investor: Getting Through Difficult Markets

November 2011 by Julie Jason
Having a goal-oriented skill set can help you cope with turbulent markets and move toward a secure retirement. Read more »

Aging’s Adverse Impact on Decision Making

July 2011 by Charles Rotblut
Declines in cognitive capacities can hurt your ability to effectively manage your finances. Read more »

Limiting Required Minimum Distribution Costs

May 2011 by Charles Rotblut
Use retirement account income and transactions to lower the cost of freeing up cash for required minimum distributions. Read more »