AAII Model Portfolios Articles

No Reason to Switch Funds in the Model Fund Portfolio

May 2015 by James Cloonan
Aston/Fairpointe continues to have one of the highest long-term returns, while none of the competitors to our funds or ETFs justify making a change. Read more »

Model Shadow Stock Portfolio: Sell Rules Dictate a Change

April 2015 by James Cloonan
One stock was replaced after blowing through both the value and market-capitalization limits. Plus, insight into the portfolio’s performance. Read more »

Dramatic Changes Help and Hurt the Model Fund Portfolio

March 2015 by James Cloonan
Upward volatility in REITs has been offset by oil-related declines in frontier markets. Both asset classes still look attractive on a long-term basis. Read more »

Two New Stocks Added to the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio

January 2015 by James Cloonan
The latest additions are discussed, along with the portfolio’s 2014 performance and expectations for 2015. Read more »

Replacing a Mutual Fund With an ETF in the Model Fund Portfolio

November 2014 by James Cloonan
One mutual fund has been removed because of its expense and performance and is being replaced with an IPO-focused ETF. Read more »

Maintaining Model Shadow Stock Portfolio Purchase Rules

October 2014 by James Cloonan
Though no new non-Chinese stocks are qualifying, there is not enough cash in the portfolio to justify looser purchase rules. Read more »

Model Fund Portfolio: Adjust Risk Based on Personal Factors

August 2014 by James Cloonan
Performance figures for the Conservative Portfolio are being dropped because the proper risk exposure is unique to each investor. Read more »

A New Constraint Added to the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio Rules

July 2014 by James Cloonan
A rule eliminating candidates with negative earnings estimates has been formalized. Plus, see the latest transactions. Read more »

REITs and Frontier Markets Drive Model Fund Portfolio Higher

May 2014 by James Cloonan
Good first-quarter returns by the REIT and frontier markets funds helped the Model Fund Portfolio beat the S&P 500 on a year-to-date basis. Read more »

Model Shadow Stock Portfolio Rules Amended and Clarified

April 2014 by James Cloonan
The valuation and market capitalization sell rules have been amended. Plus, the maximum price to pay for new stocks is now listed. Read more »

Model Fund Portfolio: Replacing a Closed Fund

March 2014 by James Cloonan
Fidelity OTC (FOCPX) is being added to replace Yacktman Focused (YAFFX). Plus, Jim’s thoughts about closed mutual funds. Read more »

Model Shadow Stock Portfolio: Purchase Guidelines and Rule Changes

January 2014 by James Cloonan
Guidelines regarding price action and news are discussed, as well as a higher market capitalization limit and the latest portfolio changes. Read more »

Building an All-ETF Subset From the Model Fund Portfolio

November 2013 by James Cloonan
The Pure ETF Portfolio is an example of how a diversified portfolio can be constructed solely out of ETFs. Read more »

The Model Shadow Stock Portfolio and Micro-Cap Stock Spreads

October 2013 by James Cloonan
Guidance for reducing the negative impact of spreads. Plus, one stock was sold and two were added to the portfolio. Read more »

Frontier Markets Exposure Added to the Model Fund Portfolio

August 2013 by James Cloonan
The portfolio’s new addition targets pre-emerging economies and offers more potential upside than the fund it is replacing. Read more »

Three Different Ways to Follow the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio

July 2013 by James Cloonan
The portfolio’s rules allow for variance in how it is followed. Plus, one new stock was added. Read more »

A New Fund and Suggested Allocation for the Model Fund Portfolio

May 2013 by James Cloonan
CGM Realty Fund (CGMRX) is being replaced, and a new allocation is suggested for those preferring a more conservative portfolio. Read more »

A Look at the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio’s True Risk

April 2013 by James Cloonan
Measured by the chance of a long-term loss, the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio is less risky than the S&P 500 index. Read more »

Equal-Weighted ETF Helps Boost Model Fund Portfolio Return

March 2013 by James Cloonan
The inclusion of an equal-weighted S&P 500 ETF helped the Model Fund Portfolio avoid the volatility experienced by its market-cap-weighted peers. Read more »

Higher Prices Prompt Rule Change in the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio

January 2013 by James Cloonan
The minimum and maximum market capitalizations have been revised upward to account for higher micro-cap stock prices. Read more »

Revised Model Fund Portfolio: Benchmark Impacted by Cap Weighting

November 2012 by James Cloonan
Equal-weighted funds have historically outperformed their capitalization-weighted peers, but strong performance in two tech stocks reversed the trend this year. Read more »

Adherence to Rules Helps Model Shadow Stock Portfolio's Performance

October 2012 by James Cloonan
Following a consistent, well-defined approach has helped the portfolio achieve an average return of 16.1% over the past 20 years. Plus, see the latest buys and sells. Read more »

Revised Model Fund Portfolio: Combining Mutual Funds and ETFs

August 2012 by James Cloonan
The Model Fund Portfolio has been revised to take advantage of the unique strengths that mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offer. Read more »

Despite Uncertainty, Model Shadow Stock Portfolio Still Positive for 2012

July 2012 by James Cloonan
Global and domestic uncertainty hurt returns in May, but even with the pullback, the portfolio is up 9.1% year-to-date. Read more »

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