Articles belonging to ‘Fundamental Focus’

Risk-Adjusted Return

First Quarter 2014 by CI Staff
Simple calculations for measuring the volatility of a security.

Earnings per Share

Fourth Quarter 2013 by CI Staff
Different earnings adjustments can radically affect reported earnings. How to tell which earnings figure is being reported.

Dividend Payout Ratio

Third Quarter 2013 by CI Staff
Knowing how much in earnings is paid out as dividends can tell you a lot about a firm’s stability and prospects.

The Sortino Ratio

Second Quarter 2013 by CI Staff
An alternative measurement of stock risk that focuses only on the downside.

Measuring Risk-Adjusted Performance With the Treynor Ratio

First Quarter 2013 by CI Staff
Comparing risk-adjusted performance between securities with the beta-based Treynor ratio.

Interpreting the Sharpe Ratio

Fourth Quarter 2012 by CI Staff
How to calculate one of the most popular financial ratios and use it to compare the risk/return trade-off of investments.

Valuation Metrics

Third Quarter 2012 by CI Staff
How the PEG ratio, the price-to-book ratio, the price-to-sales ratio and cash flow ratios help judge the value of a stock.

Return on Capital Employed

Second Quarter 2012 by CI Staff
Calculating a profitability ratio that takes a company’s debt liabilities into account.

The Altman Z-Score

First Quarter 2012 by CI Staff
A simple formula for assessing the likelihood that a company will go bankrupt.

Liquidity Ratio Analysis

Fourth Quarter 2011 by CI Staff
Using debt ratios to analyze the stability of a company over time and against its competitors, its sector and its industry.

Profit Margin Analysis

Third Quarter 2011 by CI Staff
What the three major profit margin statistics are and how to use them to analyze the profitability of a company.

The Cash Conversion Cycle

Second Quarter 2011 by CI Staff
Measuring a company’s ability to efficiently convert resource inputs into cash flows and why this is important for investors.

Price-Earnings Relative

First Quarter 2011 by CI Staff
Learn how to calculate a price-earnings ratio relative to the market and use it in valuing a stock.

Using the Enterprise Value Ratio

Fourth Quarter 2010 by CI Staff
How to use enterprise value to evaluate a company.

Analyzing Debt Ratios

Third Quarter 2010 by CI Staff
The basics of debt ratios and what they can tell you about a company.

Price-Earnings Ratios

Second Quarter 2010 by Cara Scatizzi
Understanding the price-earnings ratio and the differences between its various forms.

Profitability Ratios

First Quarter 2010 by AAII Staff
Understanding and using return on equity and return on assets in your analysis of a company’s profitability.

Free Cash Flow

Fourth Quarter 2009 by Cara Scatizzi
Understanding and using a company’s free cash flow figure in your analysis of a firm’s growth potential.

Inventory Turnover

Third Quarter 2009 by CI Staff
A review of how the inventory turnover ratio is calculated and how to use the figures in context when analyzing a company.