Updating Data in Excel With XLQ Plug-In

September 16, 2017

XLQ, a Microsoft Excel plug-in created by QMatix, is integral to spreadsheet maintenance and analysis here at AAII. XLQ brings real-time and live data into your spreadsheet. The tool functions as a time saver and great utility tool in keeping your market data up-to-date.

This article offers a brief explanation of XLQ and how to use XLQ to pull data into Excel. XLQ may also be used through VBA (the programming language of Excel) to create custom formulas and analysis routines as well as via Excel charts; this type of configuration is not covered here.

XLQ’s developer, Leo van Rijswijk, got his start at a local computer shop in 1984 writing programs after school for local businesses. Progressing from local college programmer to specialized software developer, Rijswijk was able to quickly advance his knowledge in program design. He specialized in C++ software development and developed several management reporting programs that have been implemented internationally. Rijswijk used his experience in C++ development and previously developed products such as QMan, QStar and QRep, to start XLQ. The tool became widely available in 2000. More information about how Rijswijk got started, and about him in general, can be found here.

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